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Raymond A. Dabak


The Artist

Russell V.Dabak 

Best sister ever! 

Family Background 

Growing up, our older brother, Russell had a record player in his bedroom which was the only one in the house.  "Russell's room" was a safe haven for us.  We could often be found sneaking into down the stairs into his bedroom to listen to records nightly with Russell and keeping one another company.  Filled with so many different records of varying shapes and sizes, Russell's room was filled with magic music, love, and happiness.      


The mission for Russell's Room is to empower, support and encourage other like minded individuals who are on a similar journey to foster relationships that are made to last a lifetime and build on the 3 pillars: kindness, love and support and highlight an individuals abilities and contributions to the world. 


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Best brother ever! 

Russell and Lauren
Russell and Lauren

Featured Artist of the day at the NoDa Pop Up in February 2016.